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Our Requirement Process

SubiHIS Our Requirement Process | recruitment company Australia
SubiHIS Our Strengths in Recruitment  recruitment company Australia

Our Strengths in Recruitment

Maintaining a refined and unique database.
Experienced and dedicated Recruitment Consultants.
End-to-end recruitment/hiring process.
Customized recruitment plan to fit client’s requirements.
Striking sourcing and delivery to minimize cost per hiring.
Check eligibility and technical skill o f candidates.
Performing comprehensive background checks on education qualifications, previous employment history etc.

Why & How We Deliver Payroll Services

With the constant change of legislation the payroll process has become cumbersome, expensive and time consuming for many businesses. 
Respective of the size of any business, we are able to extend our services to manage the payroll and compliance process so that you can concentrate on your 
core business activities.
SubiHIS Additional Services for Payroll Management Australia

Additional Services for Payroll Management

Preparation of payslips and reporting
- Payment of salaries and banking
- Payroll tax logment
- Cloud payroll services
- Reimbursements processing
- Workers Compensation
- Review Employment Contracts
- Update payroll information into the company accounting software